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Supplemental Insurance Coverage

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Supplemental Insurance Coverage

What is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental Insurance provides coverage in addition to existing policies or extra coverage for special situations which can arise leaving your family without protection.

Why should you consider Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental Insurance is a policy you elect or choose which provides coverage in addition to other insurance you may already have. Many people don't know about the number of supplemental insurance plans available which will cover many specific situations and individual needs.

Central Virginia Insurance and Investment Services provides a number of small business options including: gap policies for your small business, group policies. We also provide portable policies for individuals which cover the following situations:

• Dental and Vision Insurance • Short Term Disability
• Term Voluntary Benefits
• Small Business Group Insurance • Cancer
• Critical Illness • Gap Health
• Accident • Intensive Care

Legal Shield - Affordable Legal Protection

An additional service we provide is LegalShield, which provides you and your family with affordable legal protection and assistance in a variety of areas - including world-class Kroll identity theft protection. Here are just a few of the things LegalShield can help with:

• Real Estate - Purchase, Refinance, Foreclosure and Renting

• Family Law - Including Divorce, Child Support and Child Custody

• Estate Planning - Including Creating Wills, Living Wills and even Power of Attorney

• Traffic Issues - Including Moving Violations and Accidents

• Consumer Finance - Including Collections, Warranties and Guarantees

Phone: (540) 872-0465 or (804) 787-0054

For more information, visit my LegalShield site.

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