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Health Insurance Plans

We can meet your Health Insurance Plan needs, whether they are for an individual, family or small business. We work with leading health insurance providers like Optima Health, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Assurant Health, UnitedHealthcare and Kaiser. In addition we also offer a complete line of Medicare products.

Types of Personal Health Insurance

There are many different types of health insurance plans. Shopping on your own can be difficult and confusing. There are so many options because no one has the exact same health and budget needs as another family or individual.

Specific types of health insurance plans may be better suited to your needs, but when shopping on your own you may not realize the differences and can overpay or end up with the wrong coverage.

There are two main kinds of personal health plans

1. Managed Care

2. Traditional Indemnity Coverage

1. Managed Care health insurance plan is the type of health insurance that covers medical services from a specific network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Common managed care plans include HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans, PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans and POS (Point of Service) health plans.

With managed some care plans, the insured is allowed to open Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to save money tax-free for medical bills.

2. Traditional Indemnity Coverage came before the creation of managed care plans. Traditional indemnity health insurance was the most common form of coverage. This type of health insurance provides coverage of medical care based on service rather than health the care provider. (Think of how your auto insurance works as another form of indemnity coverage you are familiar with.)

The main difference between the two forms of health insurance is that traditional indemnity plans provide the same coverage regardless of what doctor or hospital you visit, while managed care only covers care by a particular group of healthcare professionals.

ACA Qualified Health Plans

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Short Term Plans with IHC

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Short Term Plans with United Healthcare

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International travel medical insurance 

This coverage is ideal for an individual or group going on a mission trip, as well as foreign nationals temporarily residing in the USA. Click here for more information, or click here to get a FREE quote

Christian Medishare

There is another alternative to ACA Plans which is called Christian Medishare. This is called a share product and operates similar to a PPO Plan and works with a national PHCS Network of providers. There are over 300,000 members currently covered under this plan.

Christian Medishare Open Enrollment is available all year.

Christian Medishare is an alternative option which does require a statement of faith, has no coverage for smokers, the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions and has a family deductible.

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